How Much is Flat Tire Repair at Jiffy Lube?

5 minute read | Published: April 04, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Wife flat tire

Last Wednesday, my wife called to tell me that she got a flat tire. I checked her location and told her to park at the side of the road where it’s safe and then called roadside assistance. They replaced the tire with the spare and the whole thing was resolved in just an hour.

My wife then went to Jiffy Lube to get the flat tire repaired. I mean I could probably have done something to fix it at home but it wouldn’t be a permanent fix, which can be risky and dangerous.

Jiffy Lube Tire Services

Jiffy Lube has different types of tire services such as Tire Patch and Repair, Tire Replacement, Tire Installation, Tire Rotation, One time Rotation and Balance, Lifetime Rotation and Balance, Tire Balance, Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) Replacement and 4 wheel alignment.

Flat tire repair Jiffy Lube

Price to Fix a Flat Tire at Jiffy Lube

If the hole is not too big and is away from the edge, Jiffy Lube may still be able to repair it. They will first check the tire to see if it’s fixable and if it is they will clean the hole, plug it and then patch it. Then, they inflate it to the right pressure. Flat tire repair at Jiffy Lube may cost around $24.99 per tire depending on which Jiffy Lube location you go to. The complexity of the repair could also dictate the price.

If the tire can no longer be repaired and thus need to be replaced, price is around $69.99 per tire and an installation fee of $30.00.

Tire rotation prices are anywhere between $24 to $26 depending on the service center. Rotation and balance may cost around $50 (per visit) or you may avail of the lifetime rotation and balance package for $80.

They also offer replacement of your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from $119.99 onwards to maintain accurate tire pressure readings, crucial for safe driving and fuel efficiency. A 4-wheel alignment service costs around $100.

The Different Tire Designs

Regular Tires

Regular tires, also called conventional tires, are made up of several layers to support your vehicle and give you a smooth ride. They have a rubber outer layer for good grip, a strong inner layer made of fabric or steel, and an inner tube filled with air. These tires rely on the air inside to hold up your car and absorb bumps for a comfortable drive. They come in many types to suit different driving needs. But if one of these tires gets a hole in it, it’s not safe to keep driving on it.

Run-Flat Tires

Run-flat tires are special because they let your car keep going even if they get a hole. Usually, you can drive up to 50 miles at around 50 mph with them which is enough to get you to a safe place. These tires have extra strong sides with tough rubber and other materials that can hold up your car for a while, even if they lose air.

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Complimentary Top-off Services at Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube provides complimentary top-off services such as tire pressure checks. Jiffy Lube offers Spark plug replacement and Oil change at reasonable price. By maintaining proper tire pressure, you can extend the tire’s life and save money.

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