How Much Does Jiffy Lube Charge to Change Spark Plugs?

5 minute read | Published: April 04, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Over time, spark plugs will naturally wear out and need to be replaced. Worn out spark plugs make it difficult to start the engine and even if the car will start and run, its performance will suffer.

The cost of replacing spark plugs can vary. Factors like the type of spark plugs you want, the type of engine your vehicle has, the make and model of your vehicle, labor rates in your area, and others.

Admittedly, I’ve not taken my truck for spark plug replacement at Jiffy Lube. But I’ve asked their technician how much Jiffy Lube charges to change spark plugs and they told me the cost including parts and labor ranges from $200 to $300 on average.

But let’s discuss this further.

What Are Spark Plugs?

Before a vehicle can run, its engine needs fuel and air. These two components mix together in a chamber, where the mixture ignites with the help of spark plugs. Spark plugs are like tiny lightning makers sitting atop the engine and when they “spark,” they cause an “explosion” which then powers the engine and propels the vehicle to move.

Most cars have one spark plug for each cylinder. So, if a car has a four cylinder engine, it’ll have four spark plugs. Some fancier engines however have two spark plugs per cylinder.

Repairing V10 engine in auto repair shop

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Spark Plugs?

The cost of replacing spark plugs can vary based on the type of spark plugs that will be used, how many are required and the labor charges.

Spark plugs usually cost less than $100 per set. But there are more expensive ones out there too. Old model vehicles have spark plugs that are easier to replace. However, accessing these spark plugs in modern vehicles can be time-consuming, which can add to the labor costs.

Here’s an overview of the average costs for different types of spark plugs:

  • Standard copper spark plugs are around $2 to $10 each
  • Silver spark plugs cost $5 each
  • Platinum and double platinum plugs typically cost $10 and $20 each, respectively
  • Iridium plugs can be bought for $20 to $100 each

Labor charges can vary depending on the complexity of the engine. V6 and V8 engines usually cost more than four-cylinder engines. On average, labor costs range between $40 and $350.

I would say the cheapest spark plug replacement (not exclusive to Jiffy Lube) is between $100 and $250, while the most expensive would be between $250 and $500.

When to Replace Spark Plugs?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of spark plug your vehicle has and how well the vehicle is maintained. Generally, automakers suggest changing standard spark plugs every 30,000 to 40,000 miles, while platinum-tipped ones should be replaced every 60,000 miles. Iridium spark plugs have a longer lifespan and may only need replacement every 100,000 to 120,000 miles. But driving conditions and how often the vehicle is used can cause spark plugs to wear out sooner than the recommended mileage interval. Have your spark plugs replaced all at once to achieve optimum performance as well as avoid dealing with different replacement cycles.

Replacement of spark plugs in a modern engine

Signs Your Spark Plugs Need to Be Replaced

Here are some tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for:

You Have Trouble Starting the Vehicle

If your car struggles to start even with a good battery, it may be because of worn out spark plugs.

You Notice Rattling or Knocking Sounds When Idle

If you hear any rattling or knocking sound coming from the engine while it’s idling, it could be that there is extra strain on the engine cylinders caused by worn-out spark plugs. Jiffy Lube offers flat tire repairing services for their customer.

The Vehicle Struggles to Accelerate

If your car struggles to pick up speed or is slow to accelerate, the spark plugs may not be functioning well.

There are Engine Misfires

Engine misfires result in irregular engine performance and may cause popping sounds from the engine.

Your Vehicle is No Longer as Efficient

When spark plugs aren’t functioning properly, the engine may consume more fuel to compensate for the lack of proper combustion hence the reduced fuel efficiency.

Should I agree to replace my spark plugs sooner than what’s recommended in my owner’s manual?

If a dealer or shop proposes replacing your spark plugs earlier than the manual suggests, it’s prudent to seek further clarification and decline unless there are specific issues such as a check engine light or other indications of a problem. The owner’s manual provides tailored guidelines for your vehicle’s maintenance needs and it’s the most reliable source for determining when maintenance tasks should be undertaken.

Will replacing the spark plugs help save fuel?

If your vehicle is running normally and not displaying a check engine light, replacing the spark plugs is unlikely to improve performance or fuel economy.

Who should change my car’s spark plugs?

Your dealer or any qualified mechanic at a reputable local shop can change your spark plugs. Changing spark plugs isn’t incredibly complex but errors in the process can lead to significant problems so be careful where you go to have it changed.

Can I change my own spark plugs?

Replacing the spark plugs can be a DIY task but some vehicles can be a bit complicated and are best left to a dealer mechanic with extensive experience. If you’re highly experienced and the plugs are easily accessible, it might be worth giving a try.


Changing Spark Plugs at Jiffy Lube

The cost to change spark plugs at Jiffy Lube varies depending on how labor intensive the task is (for your vehicle) and how many spark plugs are required. The best recourse is to contact Jiffy Lube. They will ask for details like the make and model of your vehicle so they can give you a quote. Some Jiffy Lube locations also offer discount coupons like a 10% or 15% off spark plug replacement to help you save money.

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