How Much is a Synthetic Oil Change at Jiffy Lube?

5 minute read | Published: April 04, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Many, many years ago when I was still a new driver, I never cared much about engine oils. I thought that all of them are just the same. You put some oil in the engine, take it after it ran a few thousand miles, and get a new one when it’s time.

Eventually I learned that there’s more to engine oil change than meets the eye.

At Jiffy Lube, I learned from their experienced and expert technicians that different cars require different engine oil. I also found out after a conversation with one of their technicians that the best engine oils are the synthetic ones. Let me share with you what I’ve learned about synthetic engine oils.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Unlike its conventional engine oil counterpart, synthetic engine oil is processed in laboratories for a more cohesive and consistent composition at a molecular level.

Full synthetic motor oil utilizes the highest-quality base oil as a foundation and often integrates additives to enhance the final product. Although the composition of synthetic oils can vary between brands, full synthetic options universally offer superior protection compared to conventional oils or synthetic blends.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils offer several advantages:

Enhanced engine protection

Engine components operate at high speeds and frequently interact which is why those exposed to extreme conditions are quick to deteriorate. Synthetic oils can resist breakdown and provide extended engine protection sometimes up to 250,000 miles.

Cleaner engine operation

As motor oil flows through the engine, deposits accumulate, potentially leading to sludge formation over time with conventional oils. Full synthetic oils, however, contain fewer impurities and deter sludge and deposit buildup.

Improved viscosity

Synthetic oils maintain better viscosity and stability than conventional counterparts in both low and high temperatures.

Turbocharger care

With the proliferation of turbocharged vehicles featuring smaller engines, synthetic oils swiftly reach vital components making them essential for maintaining peak performance.

synthetic oil change prices Jiffy Lube

Cost of Synthetic Oil Change at Jiffy Lube

IJiffy Lube has been my go-to shop for efficient and reliable engine oil change. At the location I go to they have choices for synthetic oils at reasonable prices.

Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle priced at $69.99

Through its superb technology, Pennzoil High Mileage engine oil is specifically designed for aging cars and their needs. I highly recommend this oil type for cars with over 75,000 km mileage.

As aging cars are subjected to various driving conditions, it is going to take a toll on the parts and gears of the engine. Sometimes, it could be a crack or a an increasing corrosion or rust.

Over time, these lower engine performance, increase oil consumption, poor handling of extreme driving temperatures leading to overheat, and other grim possibilities for your car which is why I highly recommend this high mileage engine oil for cars with over 75,000 km mileage.

Pennzoil Synthetic Blend priced at $71.99

This oil is a combination of both synthetic and conventional oil to better protect your car. It has the benefit of a synthetic engine oil but you get it a cheaper cost than full synthetic engine oils. Check your car manual if your unit allows for this option and of course, always consult the friendly Jiffy Lube technicians in your area.

Pennzoil Platinum priced at $89.99

If you want to go all-out synthetic engine oil, I recommend Pennzoil Platinum at Jiffy Lube. You get all the benefits of this synthetic oil variant at a lower cost than its top-of-the-line counterpart. It offers the best performance of your car and the best protection of your engine from extreme temperature.

Full synthetic oil offers better mileage for your next oil change

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum priced at $99.99

Just for an extra $10, you get the topnotch full synthetic engine oil that Pennzoil could offer. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum gets you covered for all its benefits and advantages. It brings ultimate car engine protection from rust and corrosion and metal-to-metal friction due to its most consistent oil film upon operation, as well as from the threat of extreme weather like cold or heat.

Plus, this ultimate full synthetic engine oil facilitates decreased gas consumption and longer driving mileage prior to your next engine oil change.

Of course, I always want my car to be at its best all the time and under all conditions. So, it simply makes perfect sense that I go for the topmost synthetic engine oil.

If budget is a concern, the rest of Jiffy Lube’s premium oil options are also equally good but I just don’t compromise quality for the price.

And it has proven to be very beneficial because I have never encountered problems in my engine during the long family drive on the occasions of breaks and vacations.

How to Get Discounts on Jiffy Lube’s Synthetic Oil Change

Jiffy Lube promotions and discounts for those who want to save a bit of money on a synthetic oil change. Simply head to their website or click this link: “Coupons and Offers.” Once you’re there, choose your desired coupon for your synthetic oil change and avail of the $10, $15 or $20 OFF for their Blend, High Mileage and Full Synthetic Oil Change. This way you can save a bit of money even if you opt for a premium quality (albeit expensive) oil.

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Keep in mind that discounts and offers may vary depending on the Jiffy Lube service center you go to.

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