How Long Does It Take Jiffy Lube to Change Oil?

5 minute read | Published: April 04, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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According to Jiffy Lube, it takes anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes to change oil at their service centers. As long as you’ve been following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and regularly schedule preventive maintenance, then the oil change should be done in a jiffy (pardon the pun).

The process is pretty straightforward. But let’s discuss further.

When Do You Need an Oil Change?

Knowing the right time to change your car’s oil isn’t as straightforward as most people think. In the past, people were encouraged to change oil every 3000 miles. However, advancements in fuel-delivery systems, engine materials, manufacturing techniques, and oil chemistry have greatly extended these intervals.

Modern vehicles driving under normal conditions may change oil every 7,500 miles or even 10,000 miles. This is why the drivers today rely less on the old rule of thumb and more on manufacturer recommendations and oil-life monitoring systems in their vehicles.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

If you want to keep your car running smoothly, then you need to change the oil regularly. Skipping it could harm your engine. Here are six signs to watch out for:

Strange Engine Noises

If your engine starts making weird sounds, like knocking or grinding, it could mean your oil needs changing.

Burning Smells

If you smell something burning in your car, it might be your oil. Old or dirty oil can’t cool your engine properly which leads to burnt smell.

Check Your Oil

Pop open your hood and pull out the dipstick to check your oil. If it’s thick and grainy, it’s time for a change.

Low Oil Level

A quick look at your oil level can tell you if it’s time for a change. If it’s low, get that oil changed ASAP to avoid engine damage.

Dashboard Warnings

Some cars have specific lights to tell you when it’s time for an oil change.

Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for how often to change your oil. And don’t ignore those reminders from Jiffy Lube. The one I frequent always calls me when it’s time to change oil for both mine and my wife’s vehicles.

The car mechanic is changing the engine oil of the car.

How an Oil Change is Done at Jiffy Lube

When you bring your car to Jiffy Lube for the Signature Service® Oil Change, here’s what will happen:

First, the technician will ask you questions about your driving habits and where you often drive to better understand your needs and recommend the best preventive maintenance steps for your vehicle.

Then they’ll offer you options if your vehicle manufacturer suggests more than one type of motor oil. Most Jiffy Lube locations provide quality Pennzoil® products.

Then, the technician will:

  • Drain the engine oil
  • Replace the oil filter
  • Refill with approved motor oil that matches your manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Place a window sticker on your windshield to remind you when your next oil change is due
  • If your vehicle has an oil life display, the technician will also reset it to reflect your new oil change.

Are Frequent Oil Changes Better?

Frequent oil changes are often recommended by service providers including oil-change shops and dealerships. While this won’t harm your engine, it does mean more visits to the shop and more spending.

For older vehicles that may burn oil, it’s smart to check the oil level monthly using the dipstick. However, if your driving conditions aren’t severe you can usually follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil-change intervals.

Many of these recommendations also include changing the oil filter. If your car has an oil-life monitor, it’s a good idea to follow its guidance too.

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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

You forget to take your car for an oil change.

It happens.

Life gets hectic, and car maintenance often takes a back seat.

You see that reminder sticker on your windshield, but you keep putting off the oil change.

Here are some of the problems you may encounter if you skip this important routine maintenance task:

First off, your warranty could be at risk. Most new cars come with a warranty that requires regular maintenance

Then there’s engine performance. Oil not only lubricates but also cleans your engine. When it’s old and dirty, it becomes sludge, forcing your engine to work harder resulting in reduced performance and increased fuel consumption.

Worst case scenario? Complete engine failure.

Without proper lubrication, parts in your engine can overheat, leading to blown gaskets or even a seized engine. These repairs are not only expensive but could also mean the end of your car’s life.

Why Choose Jiffy Lube for Your Oil Change?

I can go on and on about why I go to Jiffy Lube but here are some customer reviews from those who have tried the service themselves:

Brett D.

Saint Louis, MO

I’ve had my oil changed here for a few years. The personnel has changed a little but it’s always been a good experience. The last few times I’ve gone the same young lady checks me in, reviews my account, etc. and is fantastic. She’s professionally friendly and efficient. Her name is Lauren. Go here if you’re in the Rock Hill, Brentwood, Kirkwood area or find yourself in the area. Nobody tried to sell me anything extra and they gave me a discount for “the wait”. There was barely any wait. I highly recommend this business.

Kyla B.

Central Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK

I found this Jiffy Lube online and called to see if I needed an appointment. She said they took walk ins so I headed over. I was pleased to see it was the type that you can stay in your car for! And there was no wait! They were super speedy, friendly and helpful when describing the different types of oils I could choose from. I’ll be back for my next oil change!

Rainna T.

Atlanta, GA

Went in around 1PM on Sunday. I was serviced by store owner and manager Ashley and a technician Malik. I bought a groupon for $33 to have a regular oil change which came with a tire rotation, rain-x windowshield, and a car vacuuming! Malik talked me into upgrading to Ultra Platinum synthetic oil so now I don’t have to get an synthetic oil change for another 10,000 miles!!! They answered any questions I had and explained in great detail. I felt confident to have them work on my new car. I will be returning in the future.

Check groupon before going in. They always have deals on oil changes both synthetic and conventional!

rachell b.

Snellville, GA

Upon reading thru these outrageous reviews… in which some sound entirely made up and delusional.. there is new staff at this location and just about every customer leaves completely satisfied and taken care of. Every staff member here goes above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure each and every customer is taken care of professionally and responsibly. Every one here is honest, thoughtful and understanding and will never try to sell something not recommended nor will they tear something up just to make that person return for services at a later time .. (unlike other shops). This location is well worth bringing your own oil or car in for any services JiffyLube offers.

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In a Nutshell

Don’t skip that oil change. It’s a small investment that can save you from major headaches down the road. Besides, with quick oil places like Jiffy Lube, you’ll be done with the oil change in just 20 to 45 minutes tops.

Check out the opening hours of Jiffy Lube for any inconvenience.

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