Do Jiffy Lube Prices Include the Oil Filter Replacement?

5 minute read | Published: April 04, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Jiffy Lube oil filter replacement

Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change includes changing your vehicle’s engine oil and oil filter replacement. It’s a convenient and hassle-free service for a routine car maintenance task. If you’ve never tried their oil change service yet, let me give you a rundown of what to expect.

What is an Oil Filter and How Does It Work?

To keep your engine running smoothly, motor oil is continuously circulated throughout the engine. Along the way it may pick up dirt and contaminants which can build up over time and cause the oil to thicken. That’s where an oil filter comes in. When motor oil flows through the oil filter,  its pleated folds trap the impurities before the oil circulates back into the engine.

Why Do You Need to Replace the Oil Filter?

The repeated cycle of trapping impurities in the oil filter may cause it to become clogged and over time may lead to engine damage. To maintain your vehicle’s optimal engine performance, you need to change your oil regularly and replace the oil filter. Jiffy Lube offers several kinds of filters such as the Pennzoil Platinum HE oil filters which are designed with a synthetic-blended filter media to remove up to 99% of impurities.

How Much Does Jiffy Lube’s Oil Change Cost?

The actual cost of the oil change would depend on several factors including: type of oil to be used, how much oil is required, the amount of work required to change oil, and the location of the Jiffy Lube service center you go to.

Pouring oil to car engine.

In general, here are the change oil prices at Jiffy Lube:


  • Pennzoil Conventional $44.99 (Includes 5W-30 & 10W-30)
  • Formula Shell Conventional $44.99 (Includes 5W-20)
  • Shell Rotella Triple Protection $69.99 (Includes 15W-40)


  • Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle $69.99
  • Pennzoil Synthetic Blend $71.99
  • Pennzoil Platinum $89.99
  • Pennzoil Ultra Platinum $99.99

What to Expect from Jiffy Lube’s Signature Oil Change

Jiffy Lube’s oil change service goes beyond the basics. First you need to choose from conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, or full synthetic oil with prices shown earlier.

They will provide up to five quarts of quality motor oil and change out your old oil filter. They will also vacuum the vehicle’s interior floors and wash your windows

Then the technicians will start doing a comprehensive range of maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle running smoothly. They will do a thorough inspection, flush, fill, and clean essential systems and components of your car. They will also inspect key components such as antifreeze levels, engine air filters, belts, brake fluid, wiper blades, and lights.

jiffy lube location

And finally they will provide complimentary top-offs for essential fluids like tire pressure, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and others.

Jiffy Lube Customer Reviews

Sandra S.

San Francisco, CA

Hello I went to Jiffy lube at 16851 east Iliff Ave in Aurora CO on 9/3/22, invoice 38807284. I am very pleased with the service. Patrick was very professional yet friendly. He answered all my questions clearly. I also want to thank the bay employees as the work was completed quickly. He apologized for the wait even though I did not think the wait was long. I have used Jiffy lube in the past and will continue to be a long term customer. Thank you, Sandra Sherman

Karen B.

Aurora, CO

What a fabulous experience! Tim B. and K were great with customer service! They saved me money, showed me the dirty filters in my car, and seemed to really care about my experience today. I haven’t been to a jiffy lube in at least 7 years and was a bit nervous about going. I’m so glad I went! When my car needs another oil change, I’m so happy to go back to this jiffy lube! Thanks guys for a great and fast oil change! My car thanks you too!

Ronnie F.

Mountain View, CA

I was very pleased with the overall service. Their waiting room was comfortable and the restroom is clean. (They could use a wall hook in the restroom.) They showed me the filters, which did not need cleaning. I didn’t feel like they were upselling me. I always appreciate the little things like checking tire pressure and other things; I did opt for windshield wiper replacement; it was less expensive than my other options.


San Francisco, CA

Greeted by the whole team available, they listened to my needs and went over options and explaining the effects of each decision. They didn’t gauge my pockets. They showed me the filters and levels that needed adjustment so I could see first hand what they wanted to change and why instead of expecting me to make blind decisions, presented my choices without bias of the more expensive options. The prices were great, very quick work. Very easy and friendly.

D P.

Cupertino, CA

I almost did not come here because of the reviews, but glad that I did. It is a Sunday and there is excellent customer service and timeliness to get the car in and out. The staff communicated well regarding pricing and I was satisfied with the entire experience.

Josh H.

Sunnyvale, CA

I stopped in today for an oil-change, and also I knew that one of my tail lights was out but not sure which one. The team that helped me was incredibly courteous, fast, and helpful. I was there for probably only 15 minutes, got the oil change and the light taken care of. They also were so kind and friendly it made my day a little brighter. Thank you Jaime, Thomas, Terrence, and Ivan! I’ll definitely be back.

In a Nutshell

Jiffy Lube’s signature oil change includes oil filter replacement as needed.

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